As the weather warms up and becomes drier, homeowners across the country are in their yards cleaning up from winter and starting with maintenance tasks, such as mowing, trimming, and planting.

One thing to consider adding to your to-do list this spring is painting your home.

If you have a brick or vinyl clad home, painting it may not be for you. On the other hand, if your home’s exterior is made with wood siding, then you should check to see if your home needs a new coat or two.

Exterior latex paint is the best choice, being the most durable and the most protective. But it doesn’t last forever.

Here are 7 reasons why spring is the best time to paint your home

1. Your home is worn

Moisture from the snow, ice, frost, rain, and humidity of the autumn and winter can negatively affect your existing paint. It can cause your paint to swell and soften. This, of course, leads to deterioration, including cracking, blistering, flaking, and peeling. As well, if moisture can get behind the paint, it can encourage mildew growth.

The sun can also affect your home’s paint, particularly on the south face. The UV rays from the sun eventually break down the paint, causing it to become brittle, and eventually washing away in the rain.

Finally, as moisture and temperature levels oscillate over time, they can cause your wood siding to contract and expand. This, too, can cause your paint to crack.

2. Your home needs an inspection

Painting your home forces you to take a closer look at your home’s exterior. This allows you to catch problems (like rotting siding or missing caulking, for example) before they become huge, costly headaches.

3. Improve curb appeal

A home with cracked and peeling paint looks ugly. Naturally, giving your home a fresh, bright look makes it stand out. It’s one of the cheapest ways you can make your home look new.

4. Increase home value

Going hand in hand with improved curb appeal is increased home value. Because your home looks nicer, it will become more valuable, which can lead to better equity.

5. Your paint expired

Exterior paint has an expiration date. The better the quality of paint you use (as well as other factors) can affect how frequently you need to repaint. Check with your local paint provider to see which paints will work best for your home.

6. Hide flaws

Over time, your siding will experience bumps, scratches, and other minor damage. A fresh coat of paint can hide most of that.

7. Make it your own

Have you been in your home for a while now and it’s still the same colour on the outside as it was the day you bought it? Why not pick a new colour and make it your own?