5 things you need to know about fixed mortgages

5 things you need to know about fixed mortgages

A fixed-rate mortgage is pretty much what it sounds like: a mortgage with a interest rate that is fixed. Whereas a variable rate fluctuates throughout the term of your mortgage, a fixed rate (and your monthly payment) stays the same throughout the term. A fixed rate...

4 ways to improve your credit report

4 ways to improve your credit report

When you take out a mortgage, apply for a credit card, sign for a car loan, or set up an instalment plan for kitchen appliances, you use credit. Your total credit use makes up your credit history. In Canada, two agencies—Equifax and TransUnion—manage credit histories....

4 ways to prevent icicles on your eavestroughs

4 ways to prevent icicles on your eavestroughs

Icicles are normal part of cold weather. They are a result of melting snow during a warm period (for example, on a sunny day) and refreezing during a colder period (for example, at night). As long as they aren’t being caused by an ice dam, there isn’t much room for...

More rule changes mean more reasons to use a mortgage broker

More rule changes mean more reasons to use a mortgage broker

The next new mortgage regulation, which comes into effect 1 January 2018, will require borrowers to qualify based on a rate that is 2 percentage points above the contract rate or the Bank of Canada posted 5-year rate (currently 4.89%), whichever is higher. The “stress...

New mortgage rules coming in 2018

New mortgage rules coming in 2018

Earlier this week, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions released details of mortgage changes that will take effect 1 January 2018. The most significant change is a new stress test for homebuyers with uninsured mortgages (typically mortgages with...

5 things you should do to ready your lawn for winter

5 things you should do to ready your lawn for winter

Winter seems just around the corner, and in parts of Alberta, we’ve already seen snow. If your yard is free from snow, you should use this opportunity to prep your lawn for winter. Here are 5 things you should do to ready your lawn for winter, making sure you have a...

So why did interest rates go up again?

So why did interest rates go up again?

Stephen Poloz, the governor of the Bank of Canada, seemed to surprise a few with the decision to raise the benchmark rate again. The .25 point increase last month pushed the rate to 1% and is the second increase since the start of the summer. The bank prime benchmark...

5 ways to slash your debt

5 ways to slash your debt

Are you feeling overwhelmed with debt? Worried about how much you spend on interest each month? Lowering the amount of debt you carry can significantly improve your credit profile, reduce potential loan rates, and save you a lot in interest. It just takes a few easy...

7 ways to repurpose a spare bedroom

7 ways to repurpose a spare bedroom

Did your last child move away to university? Did you buy a house with one too many bedrooms? There are various reasons we might find ourselves with an unassigned bedroom. Our default urge is to use it for storage. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 7 ways to...

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Bryce Kirkpatrick

As a proud partner in The Mortgage Design Group, I am excited to offer a full range of financing options. The knowledge and experience I have gained over the years in the mortgage business allow me to service existing and new clients with their specific lending needs. From first time home buyers and refinances to multiple rental purchases I will ensure the process is completed professionally. Contact me today for a no-obligation consultation.

Karlen McDonald

Owner / Mortgage Consultant

As a proud partner of Mortgage Design Group, I am excited to offer a full range of financing options to my existing and new clients. Whether this is your first home or your third investment property, I have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your mortgage process smooth, professional and trouble-free. Contact me today for a no-obligation consultation – there is no charge for my services, ever!

Rachel Caldie

Mortgage Consultant

I have been involved in the financial industry as a mortgage professional since 2007 immediately following my post-secondary studies. I began post-secondary school at Lethbridge College where I received a diploma in Business Administration. I decided to further my education and received a degree from the University of Lethbridge in the Faculty of Management, majoring in Finance.

I have taken an active approach in my community by volunteering in the University of Lethbridge Alumni Association as well as the Kinette Club of Lethbridge and I sit as a senator on the University of Lethbridge Senate. I also participate weekly at the Lethbridge Curling Club.

I find it important to provide my independent, unbiased advice to ensure the correct product has been chosen to satisfy my clients’ personal needs. My local knowledge allows me to understand the area and lending capabilities.

Lisa Shimozawa

Mortgage Consultant

Having lived in Taber and Lethbridge for practically my entire life, I have enjoyed and benefited from living in areas with a strong sense of community support and involvement. I welcome the opportunity to help friends and family achieve their goals and dreams through my career in the mortgage industry. When not at work, my spare time is spent with friends and family, and some of the activities I enjoy include curling, running, and golf.

Greg Toles

Mortgage Consultant

Greg has been a mortgage associate in Alberta for 2 years and has worked in the industry for 10 years total. He has handled countless transactions, both in and out of Alberta flawlessly. And almost all of his business is by word of mouth and referrals. He has access to over 90 lending institutions to get you the best mortgage deal, and best of all; Greg’s services are FREE for you.

Greg has lived in Lethbridge for the past 16+ years. He has an 8 year old son, and a 5 year old daughter. In his down time, he enjoys curling and golfing, along with watching football and hockey. While his kids keep him busy outside of the office, he enjoys gardening/landscaping, and his other passion is his fundraising for the Poker for Diabetes Foundation, which raises money for the Canadian Diabetes Association to help send Type 1 Diabetic children to various camps for a week at a time.

As a licenced mortgage broker in Alberta with Mortgage Alliance Mortgage Design Group, Greg works for you (not the banks!) to get YOU the best mortgage deal.

Janice Krueger

Mortgage Consultant

I have lived in Lethbridge for 15 years, and truly love this area of Canada. As a person who has lived in multiple provinces, and experienced a multitude of different climates and cultures, I definitely understand what it means to be moving from one house/province/town to the next.

My role as your mortgage specialist is to ensure that you as my client are taken care of. You can expect a streamlined experience which allows you to shop for your new home and not worry about your mortgage. If you are new to the home ownership scene – you can trust that once you have been FULLY pre-approved with me, you will sleep well at night knowing that you are one step closer to home ownership.

If you or know of a young person in your life looking for guidance in home ownership, please introduce us, I will not let you down!

Mary Honey Wigle

Mortgage Consultant

Over the last 8 years of working with lenders, for lenders and with other mortgage brokers I’ve learned that the client is number one. My vested interest is to ensure that clients receive the best service and not only come back but refer me to their friends, family and colleagues. My primary goal is to secure clients in the correct product and ensure that their financial situation is optimally working for them.

I bring a professional and dedicated view to why mortgage brokers are the best option for all home owners and why I deserve your business. More importantly I can show you that you deserve the best and therefore, my expertise.

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