Janice Altvater (Krueger)

Janice Altvater (Krueger)

Mortgage Broker

Location: Lethbridge
Phone: 403-308-9764
Fax: 403-942-4098
What is your favorite part of the job/mortgage industry?

My favorite part of being a mortgage broker is being able to help my clients to see that you can purchase a home, or renew/refinance your mortgage and not worry about all the details, because I am right there working alongside them. Being a mortgage specialist, I focus on how to make this home purchase or refinance easy and stress free!

What do you think are your best skills that you bring to being a Mortgage Broker?

As a Mortgage Broker, I find that my best skills are seeing each client for who they are, what they want to achieve, and helping them to make decisions based on their own goals and dreams.

What problems do you consistently solve for your clients?

When working with my clients, I look at their entire financial picture prior to offering any options for them to choose from. I find that while doing this I am able to help them simplify their current finances, and add a mortgage solution that saves them the ever valuable time, and money.