10 ways to save on air conditioning costs

Summer’s still here, and technically there’s still a month left.
One downside to this season is the need to cool our homes more. The warmer the weather gets, the harder your air conditioning unit has to work. And, of course, the more your air conditioning unit works, the higher your cooling bill gets.
And this year has been especially warm.
Don’t fret though. Here are 10 tricks you can easily implement that’ll help you save money on heating your home:

1. Replace weatherstripping

If the weatherstripping around your doors is cracked or torn or the seal is no longer as tight as it once was, you might be letting cold air out and warm air in. Tear off all of the weatherstripping around drafty doors, and replace it with new weatherstripping.

2. Fix caulking

If your windows have patchy caulking, they may be another culprit for drafts of warm air. Fix your caulking to create a leak proof seal.

4. Seal electrical boxes

Electrical outlets are some of the worst offenders for letting in warm air because they’re often not insulated properly during construction. An easy fix is to remove the cover, seal any cracks between the boxes and drywall with acrylic latex caulk, install a foam gasket, and replace the cover.

5. Plug holes

Any time pipes, cables, ductwork, or gas lines enter or exit your home, they do so through a hole in the wall. If these holes aren’t sealed properly, you may be letting in warm air. Seal any gaps with expanding foam.

6. Use blinds or heavy fabric curtains

Some windows have a low R value, meaning they do very little to keep cool air in and warm air out in the summer. Using blinds or curtains made out of heavy fabric can keep some of the warm sunlight out.

7. Get an air conditioning tuneup

If it’s been a while since you’ve maintained your air conditioning unit and had your ductwork cleaned, now may the perfect time to do it. Dust and lint buildup interferes with air flow, making it harder to cool your home. This option will be the most expensive, but it can have a long-term impact.

8. Buy a programmable thermostat

If you’re still using a mercury thermostat, replace it with a programmable one. This will allow you to set a schedule so your home cools when you are there and doesn’t cool when you’re away (or while you’re sleeping). Some models are available for as little as $25.
Make sure your thermostat isn’t near a warm window or in direct sunlight. The extra heat may trigger it to kick in the air conditioning unit more frequently than necessary.

9. Turn up the temperature

Not only should you keep your home warmer when you’re away than when you’re there, try keeping the temperature a bit warmer than normal when you are home. If you typically like the temperature at 19º or 20º, maybe try keeping the home at 21º or 22º.
To help keep things more comfortable until you get used to the slightly warmer temperature, try dressing down when you’re home. Wear shorts instead of pants and don’t wear shoes or socks, for example.

10. Keep windows and doors locked

Keeping your windows and doors locked not only keeps your home more secure, it often creates a tighter seal to keep out warm air.
If you don’t have air conditioning but are still interested in keeping your house cool, check out our article 10 ways to cool your home without air conditioning.
There you have it: 10 ways to save money on cooling your home. What have you done to save money on cooling your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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