4 ways to prevent icicles on your eavestroughs

Icicles are normal part of cold weather. They are a result of melting snow during a warm period (for example, on a sunny day) and refreezing during a colder period (for example, at night). As long as they aren’t being caused by an ice dam, there isn’t much room for alarm.
Even so, preventing them is pretty easy.
If you do have icicles and your attic is insulated and well ventilated, the icicles might be forming because your eavestroughs are full. When the snow melts on your roof, the runoff needs somewhere to go, and if your eavestroughs are full of debris or ice, then the runoff will bypass the eavestrough and fall over the edge, later freezing and turning into icicles.
Here are 4 ways to prevent icicles from freezing:

  1. Clean out your eavestroughs before the weather freezes.
  2. Keep your downspout drain hole unplugged.
  3. Consider installing leaf guards in your eavestroughs to prevent future clogging.
  4. Consider installing heating cable in your eavestroughs and in your downspout to keep water flowing until it has drained.
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