Clever box fan hack to cool off your home this summer

It’s so hot out. Across Canada, everyone is experiencing a heat wave. And while some people are fortunate to have air conditioning, older houses and rental properties may not.

If your home doesn’t have air conditioning, try this box fan hack to cool off your home every night.

First, the temperature at night is much cooler than it is during the day. What we basically need to do is bring all that cool night air in and push all the warm day air out. Just follow these 4 steps:

1. Wait until it’s cool

Before you do anything, watch the weather. Once it’s cooler outside than it is in your home, you can proceed. If you proceed with the hack while it’s warmer outside, all you’ll do is heat up your home some more and make it more difficult to cool your home.

2. Open two windows

Ideally, you want the windows opposite of each other, with one window being on an upper floor and on the downwind side of your home and the other being on a lower floor and on the upwind side of your home. Make sure the windows open, so you can access fresh air.

If your home has just one storey, then choose a downwind window and an upwind window on the main floor. If you have no windows on these sides of the home, then just try your best to use windows opposite of each other.

You want a cross flow between the two windows, and the more direct the flow, the more efficient it will be at cooling off your home. Having the windows upwind and downwind will take advantage of natural breezes, improving the cross flow.

3. Install fans

Place a box fan in each window. Box fans come in various sizes, so find one that fits your windows as snugly as possible. if your window is too small, try placing the fan on a chair or table, facing the window.

Make sure one fan blows outside and the other one blows inside. The fan blowing outside will be forcing all the warm air out. If possible, this fan should be in the downwind window upstairs. The fan blowing inside will be bringing cool air in.If possible, this fan should be in the upwind window downstairs.

Make sure the fans are on the highest fan speed.

4. Stop when it warms up.

Keep an eye on the weather when you get up in the morning. Once the weather starts warming up (an hour or two after sunrise), you’ll want to close your windows to keep the warm air out and trap the cool air in.

That’s it. Repeat this every day to keep your home cool.

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