Solutions to help you save money

The holiday season is just weeks away, and the end of the year approaches. It’s a great time to assess your financial situation, consolidate your debts, and review your mortgage to avoid unnecessary financial stress in 2019.

In fact, you should regularly evaluate available options for reducing personal debt, increasing cash flow, and identifying potential savings.

We have access to various solutions that can eliminate debts—such as credit cards and other loans—without affecting your existing mortgage. It may also be possible to roll your debts into your existing mortgage and reduce your monthly payments.

The Bank of Canada recently raised its prime rate to 1.75%, stating that they felt good about the economy now that we have a new trade agreement in place with the United States and Mexico. This increase should have affect variable rate mortgages and consumer debts, even more reason to analyze debts—including mortgages—to find savings and reduce monthly payments.

We can help you find solutions to save you money. Phone or email us today to get started.

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