The biggest difference between a broker and your bank

Do you know the biggest difference between using a mortgage broker and using the bank?

As mortgage brokers, we work for you. We have access to multiple lenders, which means we have hundreds of products to choose from to find the right product and rate that meets your unique, specific needs.

We take pride in having strong relationships with all lenders, which allows us to maximize the choice, convenience, and counsel available for Canadians. With all our lender partners, we work towards the mutual benefit of mortgage professionals, industry partners, and, most importantly, home buyers.

A mortgage specialist at the bank, on the other hand, works for the bank. They have access to 1 lender, and they want to sell their product. They won’t necessarily offer what’s best for you.

As banks can offer you only their rates and products, they’re limited in how they can help you. They never offer you the best deal to start with, but they may eventually negotiate on terms and rates. Even then, you’re responsible for negotiating on your own.

If you have a mortgage up for renewal, or you want to refinance, it’s always in your best interest to contact your mortgage broker instead of dealing with the lender who currently holds your mortgage. Just because they were the best option previously doesn’t mean they’ll be the best option in the future.

If you or someone you know is considering a new mortgage, let’s connect to get you the best mortgage options available!

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