As the weather cools, it’s time for a bit of maintenance around the home. If you’re in Southern Alberta, it’s even more critical, as we prepare for a significant cold spell and snowfall this weekend.

Taking care of these 4 maintenance tasks can help you avoid costly repairs.

1. Disconnect garden hoses

Before the weather gets too cold, disconnect and drain all your garden hoses. When water inside a hose freezes, it expands and could damage your hose. Plus, it could also cause a pipe in your home to burst. For the same reason, drain your outdoor spigots.

2. Prune trees

Prune your trees to help prevent tree branches breaking off during stormy weather and damaging your home, especially if the forecast calls for wet snow and lots of it. Pruned trees can also help keep rodents and other pests away from your roof. Clear leaves from your gutters to prevent leaking and flooding issues.

3. Hibernate your lawn

Rake the leaves off your lawn; otherwise, they’ll rot. Autumn is also a good time to aerate, and you might get a good deal on some professional landscaping services.

4. Seal drafts

Seal cracks with caulk before the winter sets in to prevent moisture damage and heat loss. Check for cracks between trim, siding, windows, and door frames, as well as around where pipes and ducts for water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, and dryers enter or exit the home. Consider foam gasgets for electrical outlets, too, as they can also be a source for drafts.

Follow these 4 tips, and you can be a bit more prepared for the coming cold weather.

What autumn maintenance tips should we add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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