The Bank of Canada recently announced that they have left their benchmark rate unchanged at 1.75%. This is the 4th time in a row that they’ve kept their rate unchanged. The bank reviewed many factors including slower housing and oil sector and slower forecast for growth in the economy.

With more homes now available for the spring market, lower rates and a normalized real estate market, this is a great time for Canadians looking to buy a home or even looking to consolidate their debts by accessing the equity in their homes.

Thinking of moving up to your next dream home? This could be the best time to consider it.

Interest rates available today might be lower than the interest rate you currently have on your mortgage and moving up to your next home could actually be a lot cheaper than you think. Together, we can work out the numbers so you’ll know if it actually makes sense to make a move.

As mortgage professional, we’re here to show you the options and opportunities that are available to you in today’s market. If you have any questions about your current mortgage or your new mortgage, call or email us first.

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