One of the best things about working with a mortgage broker is that it saves you time and money.

For example, through the Mortgage Alliance network, we have access to over 50 mortgage lenders, including banks, credit unions, and trust companies. This helps us find the best deal for your situation without requiring you to visit 50 separate locations, saving you time and money.

Plus, when you work with a mortgage specialist at the bank, they have access to just 1 lender and want to sell only their mortgage products. Because we have access to multiple lenders, we find the product and rate that meets your needs, not the one that makes us the most money. The mortgage specialist at the bank works for the bank; we work for you.

Plus, we never charge you anything to save you this time and money.

We take pride in having strong relationships with all lenders, which allows us to maximize the choice, convenience, and counsel available for Canadians. With all our lender partners, we’re working towards the mutual benefit of mortgage professionals, industry partners, and most importantly home buyers.

Contact us today to see how we can use this vast network to get you into your dream home soon.

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